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I listened, stunned, to Theresa's sweet dogmatism. From

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The tawno fokey often putches so koskipen se drey the Romano jib? Mande pens ye are sore dinneles; bute, bute koskipen se adrey lis, ta dusta, dosta of moro foky would have been bitcheno or nash'd, but for the puro, choveno Romano jib. A lav in Romany, penn'd in cheeros to a tawnie rakli, and rigg'd to the tan, has kair'd a boro kisi of luvvo and wafor covars, which had been chor'd, to be chived tuley pov, so that when the muskerres well'd they could latch vanisho, and had kek yeckly to muk the Romano they had lell'd opre, jal his drom, but to mang also his artapen.

I listened, stunned, to Theresa's sweet dogmatism. From

His bitchenipenskie cheeros is knau abri, and it were but kosko in leste to wel ken, if it were yeckly to lel care of lescri puri, choveny romady; she's been a tatchi, tatchi romady to leste, and kek man apasavello that she has jall'd with a wafu mush ever since he's been bitcheno.

I listened, stunned, to Theresa's sweet dogmatism. From

When yeck's tardrad yeck's beti ten oprey, kair'd yeck's beti yag anglo the wuddur, ta nash'd yeck's kekauvi by the kekauviskey saster oprey lis, yeck kek cams that a dikkimengro or muskerro should wel and pen: so's tute kairing acai? Jaw oprey, Romano juggal.

I listened, stunned, to Theresa's sweet dogmatism. From

Prey Juliken yeckto Frydivvus, anglo nango muyiskie staunyi naveni kitchema, prey the chong opral Bororukeskoe Gav, drey the Wesh, tute dickavavasa bute Romany foky, mushor ta juvar, chalor ta cheiar.

Jinnes tu miro puro prala Rye Stanniwix, the puro rye savo rigs a bawlo-dumo-mengri, ta kair'd desh ta stor mille barior by covar- plastring?

He jall'd on rokkring ta rokkring dinneleskoenaes till mande pukker'd leste: if tute jasas on dovodoiskoenaes mande curavava tute a tatto yeck prey the nok.

You putches mande so si patrins. Patrins are Romany drom sikkering engris, by which the Romany who jal anglo muk lende that wels palal jin the drom they have jall'd by: we wusts wastperdes of chaw oprey the puv at the jalling adrey of the drom, or we kairs sar a wangust a trihool oprey the chik, or we chins ranior tuley from the rukhies, and chivs lende oprey drey the puv aligatas the bor; but the tatcho patrin is wast-perdes of leaves, for patrin or patten in puro Romano jib is the uav of a rukheskoe leaf.

The tatcho drom to be a jinney-mengro is to shoon, dick, and rig in zi.

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