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apparently stopped and stood. "The middle toe is missing—it

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Tawnie yecks, s. pl. Little ones, grandchildren.

apparently stopped and stood.

Te, prep. To: te lesti, to her; this word is not properly Gypsy.

apparently stopped and stood.

Te, conjunct. That: te jinnen, that they may know, an optative word; O beng te poggar his men, may the devil break his neck. Wal. Ci.

apparently stopped and stood.

Tel, v. a. imp. Hold: tel te jib, hold your tongue.

Temeskoe, a. Belonging to a country.

Temno, a. Dark. Rus. Temnoy. Sans. Tama (darkness).

Tikno, s. A child. Mod. Gr. [Greek: ]

Tikno, a. Small, little. Span. Gyp. Chinoro. Lat. Tener.

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